vendredi 24 novembre 2006

Laundry. Mamallapuram

little girls doing some laundry to help their mother, under the protection of the Nandi.

2 and three. Mamallapuram

Near the historical area.

Going to school. Mamallapuram

Legs. Rameswaram

Taking a bath here is something very important for an hinduist. even people with strong handicaps do this pilgrimage.

Wet. Rameswaram

After the holy bath...

1,3,2... Rameswaram

Red mermaid for a holy bath...

Pilgrim beach. Rameswaram

Holy bath, the whole family is here.

Lolam. Rameswaram

Women draw the kolams on the ground, in front of the house's door, in relation with the coming back of the sun, after the monsoon.

jeudi 23 novembre 2006


Gopuram are the giant temple's gates, builded as towers, with dizains of statues.

Holy cow. Kumbakonam

One of the temple's cow.


Bus, motorbike, cow chariot, By feet?

lundi 20 novembre 2006

Are you happy? Rameswaram

It's the first thing he asked me...he was, for sure to be here and to do this pilgrimage with his two friends.
A nice guy...

Drying. rameswaram

After bathing, washing, drying in the wind...

Washing. Rameswaram

They are three old men and come from far away for this pilgrimage...

Sunset holy bath. Rameswaram

Pilgrim beach. Rameswaram

On the beach, pilgrims, priests and ...cows, who are expecting to eat the offerings!

Hair combing II. Rameswaram

Hole. Rameswaram

Just coming back from school, they live in a small house, in the sand dunes. We had a lot of fun yhrough this iron gate, each one of them both fighting to see me, the girl wes the stronger

Hair combing. Rameswaram

The grandma is combing her grand-daughter hair , in a small street, it's evening time...

Holy shower. Rameswaram

After the bath in the sea, pilgrims go to the temple, were a priest drive them to 22 points of water, each time a shower.

In the foreground, Hanuman, the monkey-god.

Chariot. Rameswaram

Going to the market.

Holy water. Rameswaram

Pilgrims bring back bottles of the water, supposed to be sacred.

Some of them mix it with Ganga water in varanasi, other famous sacred place.

Holy cow. Rameswaram

Pilgrim beach in Rameswaram.

Fishing. Dhanushkodi

Kids. Dhanushkodi

In the destroyed village, some families still live here, far from everything.

Yellow. Dhanushkodi

REnewing the net. Dhanushkodi

Red. Dhanushkodi

a full net, waited by the truck...

Truck. Dhanushkodi

To go to Dhanushkodi, no road anymore, since the hurricane of1964, which destroyed also the railway.

Pilgrims use theese 4x4 trucks.

Nets. Dhanushkodi

The fishing party is over....

Feeding the fishes. Chidanbaram

Kid. Chidanbaram

Eveninf time...

Ablutions. Chidanbaram

In the holy tank, before the ceremony, one of the temple's priest...

Waiting. Chidanbaram

waiting the opening of the temple's gate...

Fashion. Chidanbaram

Bus stand, waiting for some transport, and looking at this sari shop....

Cleaning the god. Chidanbaram

Cleaning the god of a very little temple for the ceremony, once a year...

Red. Chidanbaram

selling vegetables directly on the ground, under the peacefull glance of a bull.

Sadhu. Chidanbaram

Shiva Nataraja temple, a hawk's glance...

Pilars. Chidanbaram

Having a chat among the pilars....

Brahmane. Chidanbaram

One of the priests of the Shiva Nataraja temple, to night it's a full moon night, a special ceremony...

Holy tank. Chidanbaram

Shiva Nataraja temple, one of the biggest tanks...

Cows. Chidanbaram

A nice place to have a chat, or a lunch, even if sometimes, cows can disturb you a little bit, we are in the giant Shiva Nararaja remple.

Colors. Chidanbaram

Materials used for rituals in a small temple of Chidanbaram.